About ProperLets

Proper Lets is the Blackpool letting agency with ZERO fees. Whether you're a tenant looking or a landlord advertising, we won't charge you ANY fees


TENANTS - I'm looking to rent in Blackpool, why should I use ProperLets.com?

Our range of flats and houses to let come with the following features which make us unique in Blackpool letting agencies


The vast majority of traditional high street in Blackpool letting agencies charge application fees to rent property, on average this is £100 on a successful application. Here at ProperLets.com we find this charge outrageous, and that a tenant should never been charged an admin fee by a letting agent. Any fees, if there were any, should be paid by your landlord, not you!

If you would like more information about becoming a registered landlord, please click here to Register your interest.

Low or ZERO Deposits / Bond

Some of our private landlords will not charge a single penny for bonds or deposits. That means along with our zero fees policy, some of our properties listed on this website are absolutely FREE to move in.


LANDLORDS- I'm a private landlord with property to rent in Blackpool, why should I use ProperLets.com?

This website was created by private landlords in Blackpool for other private landlords who want to cut of the middle man of traditional high street letting agents.

It's FREE to register, and will always be FREE

That's right, this website will always be free to private landlords. It's free to register, and free to add as many properties as you wish.

We can afford to make this free service because this is a fully online letting agency, so we have little overheads which tradition letting agencies have to incur. Most tenants these days will find property on their websites or phones, which is why we feel the high street agency with their tenant finder fees is a thing of the past.

We already have several landlords in Blackpool on board - click here to register - it's FREE